Germinating Avocado Pits (Persea Americana)

Here’s to saving you time! For your convenience, we’ve already started to germinate these avocado pits. We’ve soaked them, peeled them, and set them in a warm spot to germinate for a few weeks. They’re already starting to split and grow their first root. The rest is up to you to continue growing them on your germination plate. Be sure to watch our tutorial on growing avocados for further instructions. We collect our pits from partner restaurants who save them for us. Each pit will show unique knife marks from their time in the kitchen!
This is a very seasonal product, with limited availability. The pits are alive and should be unpacked and set to grow on a germinating plate as soon as you receive them.



Additional information

Weight200 g

2 avocado pits, 5 avocado pits