Customized avocado pit

It doesn’t get more special than this! Your very own laser-engraved pit, already germinating, with a little root growing out. For you to let grow on your germination plate. Soon you’ll get a stem and leaves growing out.

Use your creativity! You can enter a custom text message or add one of our ready-made designs to your pit, using our customizer*.

You can only purchase this customized avocado pit TOGETHER with our germination plate size L or our Deluxe gift set. Those need to be added to your cart first before you can add the engraved pit. 

*To be fair the customizer is much easier to use on a computer than on mobile…

Want to keep it simple? We’ve also got plain, germinated pits for you. 

The pits are alive and should be unpacked and set to grow on a germinating plate as soon as you receive them.


Customize my avocado pit!