Set of 4 Golden Plant Stakes – 70cm

Support your plants in style with our golden plant stakes!

Add a decorative and functional touch to your green life. You can use it in the garden as well as in a pot in your house or on your balcony, like a jewel in your plants.

They are made of recycled aluminum and produced in Slovenia.

Dimensions:  they’re all 70cm high, the width varies per model between 10 and 21cm (see diagrams), the wire diameter is 5mm. They are best used in plant pots at least 30cm tall. If you use them in smaller pots, they might not be as stable because the soil layer is too shallow.

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This set contains 4 different designs, to support a variety of plants, and add an elegant touch of shine to your leafy friends.

Meet Arch, Squiggle, Pin and ZigZag. Which of your plants needs a little extra support?

Additional information

Weight 1499 g
Dimensions 73 × 30 × 2.5 cm






4 reviews for Set of 4 Golden Plant Stakes – 70cm

  1. Martha (verified owner)

    Great product! The golden colour fits in perfectly with the green leaves of my plants. My friends love them as well so i’ll definitely order some as Christmas presents 🙂

  2. Alice Carter (verified owner)

    Very nice and minimalistic designs. It definitely adds some glamour to my calathea. The squiggle one is definitely my favourite!

  3. Barbara B. (verified owner)

    gorgeous! I don’t know why there aren’t already other beautiful plant supports on the market… If i visit gardening stores it’s always boring, green and plastic. These look so good with my plants, i love the contrast of green leaves and shiny gold color. They’re on the bigger side, nice for my monsteras and rhaphidophora.

  4. Ariana Gilbert (verified owner)

    These are great! I got these as a birthday gift and they work so well with my plants! 10/10

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