Cyanotype Kit – DIY kit to make your own blueprints

Do you dream of creating your own unique art prints? With our Cyanotype kit, you have everything you need to create impressive mini works of art, at home, using just the sun and little leaves or plants.

The kit contains :

  • A detailed instruction booklet in 🇬🇧EN + 🇩🇪DE + 🇳🇱NL + 🇫🇷FR ( + our video tutorial!)
  • 200ml of cyanotype emulsion – in powder form, just add water.
  • A glass contact frame
  • 24 sheets of assorted papers with different textures
  • a foam paintbrush
  • a measuring cup, mixing cup and disposable gloves

Bonus: Each kit also contains a print of a cyanotype made by Botanopia, as an example.

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Refill Pack for your Cyanotype DIY Kit

Did you enjoy your Cyanotype DIY kit, and you'd like to extend the fun and create even more beautiful blue prints?
We've got a Refill Pack for you. It contains new paper and the 2 cyanotype solutions (A+B) in powder form, so you can refill the original bottles from your kit.

The Refill Pack contains :

  • - Refill instructions in 🇬🇧EN + 🇩🇪DE + 🇳🇱NL + 🇫🇷FR (+ link to the video demonstration)
  • - 200ml of cyanotype emulsion - in powder form, just add water.
  • - 50 sheets of assorted papers with different textures
  • - disposable gloves and paper funnels

Once your kit is refilled, you'll be ready to make even more beautiful botanical cyanotypes at home, without a darkroom. Use the power of the sun, and your selection of found leaves and flowers.

Set of 12 Cyanotype Greeting Cards

Beat the blues with our set of 12 greeting cards, each featuring a beautiful reproduction of our original plant cyanotypes.

Each folded card is printed on textured cotton paper, blank inside. Hang them on your wall, or send some plant love to your friends and family, it's all up to you!

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A cyanotype is a photographic printing technique, made using sunlight, that results in a cyan-blue print.

The process was discovered in 1842, and has been widely used by artists and photographers, but also engineers, as a way to create affordable copies of technical drawings.

Anna Atkins is considered to be the first woman photographer, and published a beautiful book called Photographs of British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions, documenting the shapes of her local seaweed varieties. With our kit, you can use the exact same technique to create your own blue artwork with plants.

We’ve created a detailed video tutorial to show you the technique.

The 200ml of emulsion is plenty to expose not only the included 24 sheets, but also much more. You can then also try it on your own paper or textile (natural fibers such as cotton or silk). The components in powder form can be kept for many years. Once mixed, each bottle of solution can be kept (separate) for a year or so.

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Weight 800 g
Dimensions 33 × 24 × 55 cm
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25 reviews for Cyanotype Kit – DIY kit to make your own blueprints

  1. Scarlet Webster (verified owner)

    I got these to do with my daughter and she loves it! They turned out so good 🙂 First I was a bit sceptical about all the chemistry and mixtures, but with the tutorial it’s actually really straight forward. Definitely recommend!

  2. Jeannette Hoogendijk (verified owner)

    Ik heb erg genoten van deze kit, een hele leuke techniek. Ik kende het helemaal niet, maar mijn resultaten zijn prachtig (vind ik zelf). je ziet alle kleine details van de planten en bloemen die je gebruikt. Ik ben normaliter geen ‘crea Bea’, dit is heel toegankelijk en de videotutorial is super.

  3. laura wedler (verified owner)

    Wow wow wow. Habe jetzt nicht wirklich eine künstlerische Ader, aber mit dem Set klappt’s sogar bei mir. Die Drucke sind wunderschön und man sieht echt jedes Detail. Wird dieses Jahr definitiv ein Weihnachtsgeschenk 🤪

  4. Lisa N (verified owner)

    Meine Freundin hat mich auf die Cyanotypie Methode aufmerksam gemacht, woraufhin ich auf dieses Kit gestoßen bin. Die Ergebnisse sind ein Traum und den Kids macht’s auch Spaß. Super!

  5. Johanna H. (verified owner)

    Ich war zunächst etwas verunsichert, da es mit den verschiedenen Lösungen doch recht kompliziert aussah, aber das Video hat echt geholfen. Nach ein paar Runden hatte ich dann den Dreh raus.

  6. Johanna Krause (verified owner)

    Gleich mit verschiedenem Papier und Materialien ausprobiert. Klappt wirklich überall ganz toll.

  7. Ellen Lancaster (verified owner)

    Was a little confused how to do it but once I read the manual and understood the process it was so easy! Making my third one today! 💙

  8. Coralie (verified owner)

    J’avais jamais essayé de faire des cyanotypes moi-même et j’avais peur de pas y arriver du premier coup mais en fait c’est tellement bien expliqué que c’est quasiment inratable

  9. Malva (verified owner)

    I just finished my first prints and I love it! 💙🌞💦

  10. Gabrielle Desnoyer (verified owner)

    J’ai regardé la vidéo pour m’aider et je suis très contente du résultat

  11. Charlie H. (verified owner)

    Got my first couple done and now time to experiment with different textures! The tutorial video was very helpful. I find the technique very interesting and special.

  12. Alice Lanvers (verified owner)

    Emballage magnifique et produits top

  13. Marlinde (verified owner)

    Hele mooie verpakking (belangrijk voor cadeaugeven) en met zorg verstuurd, dat zie je echt. Ik heb de kit zelf nog niet geprobeerd, maar de ontvangster vondt het geweldig, een geslaagd presentje.

  14. Ioanna Pipidi (verified owner)

    Great starting kit, with everything needed to create original cyanotypes! I got mine today and already made 4 cards, since it was a bright day 😊 The video and the manual were very helpful, the packaging beautifully prepared and it arrived fairly fast to Greece.

  15. adeline b (verified owner)

    super ! très ludique, pratique, complet.

  16. Fabienne G (verified owner)

    Belle qualité du produit conforme à la description .Une découverte de la technique de ce kit de cyanotype très appréciable .

  17. MARIE-ODILE P (verified owner)

    Bonne impression au déballage du produit, nous attendons le soleil pour l’utiliser

  18. MARTINE D (verified owner)

    très facile de réalisation et très bon rendu

  19. Valerie C (verified owner)

    Produit de qualité. Explications claires pour débuter.

  20. Stéphanie R (verified owner)

    Le kit me paraît bien mais j’attends de beaux rayons de soleil pour faire l’expérience .

  21. Anne C (verified owner)

    Activité extrêmement intéressante, créative, abordable seul à tout âge, dès lors que l’on sait manier une pipette et aux résultats très motivants.

  22. Françoise C (verified owner)

    Conforme à mes attentes.

  23. adeline b (verified owner)

    super ! très ludique, pratique, complet.

  24. Benedicte W (verified owner)

    Je vais pouvoir faire plein de belles choses!!

  25. MARIE G (verified owner)

    Bon produit pour débuter dans la cuyanotooe. Le manuel est très ludique et permet une bonne utilisation. Et puis après c’est en pratiquant que l’on apprend

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