Acorn germination process. Photo

It’s acorn time!

Here in Amsterdam it’s raining acorns everywhere!

Now is the perfect time to start collecting them and get them to germinate. Or you can let them dry for future use, or save the in the fridge to let them Botanopiafurther in the winter or the spring.

The best ones are extra large and still green! Most of the time, the green ones are worm-free and easier to spot on the ground.

If in doubt, place your acorns in a bowl of water, the ones that float can be discarded, they probably have a little hole or insect still nesting in them and are less likely to germinate.

If you’re ready to get growing, use the baggie method for easy results!

Others seeds to try at the moment : walnuts, chestnuts and sweet chestnuts.

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