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Create your own plaster plant castings, inspired by victorian Cameo jewelry.

The technique of plant plaster relief has been around for a long time, and is a great way of creating beautiful keepsakes of seasonal plants. No need for fancy equipment or great skills. Just follow along with our video tutorial and have fun! We recommend you watch the action though, much easier to understand. Create…

The ultimate guide to growing your own avocado pit every time.

The ultimate guide to growing your own avocado pit every time. At Botanopia, we have more than 5,000 avocado pits under our belt. We’ve tested everything from germination to pruning the plant. Here are all our tips so that you too can finally grow your own avocado plant. Why grow an avocado pit? There are…

How to propagate your cactus or succulent plants in water

Who doesn't love more free plants? Try this for yourself or to create lovely personal gifts that won't break the bank. Start with your healthy succulent or cactus Cut off the new growth from your plant using sharp, clean scissors Remove a few leaves from the bottom of the cut stem, so you have a…

How to propagate houseplants cuttings in water

Who doesn't love more free plants? Luckily it's fairly easy to propagate (=multiply) your houseplants at home, following this technique. Identify the offshoots on your healthy mother plant. Step 1: Separate the offshoot from the mother plant. Use clean sharp scissors or plant shears. You should cut off the offshoot close to the base of…

How to engrave your avocado pit with a permanent “tattoo” message

This one is fun one! The pigment naturally present inside avocado pits turns a deep brown when the flesh is cut and exposed to oxygen. Using this property, we’re creating “tattoos”. Permanent designs and text engraved on your pits, that will remain there as your pit germinates and turns into a plant. Great for a…

How to prepare succulents and cactus for your germination plate (hydroponics cultivation)

Your germination plate is a great way to showcase your favourite succulent or cactus growing with its bare roots in water. Here's how to prepare your plant for its new showcase: You'll need a soft toothbrush, a pretty glass and of course, your plant and your germination plate.If you're working with a very spiky cactus,…

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