Small tiger tooth plant
 – Aloe Juvenna –

Meet: Roxanne 

Roxanne is a bit of an outsider. Don’t be scared by her bloodthirsty ‘teeth’ decorating her leaves. She’s a bit of a lone wolf, and quite rare in her natural habitat in Kenia. It might take a bit more work to get friendly with this unique succulent. But your patience will be rewarded! You’ll soon discover a loyal friend behind her hostile looks. Be ready for some fun and excitement as well with Roxanne in your life, she never lost her wild side!

She can only be shipped to addresses within the European Union.  


Ins and outs

Like our savanna buddy Marty, Roxanne doesn’t like closed, dark spaces. Place this wild lady on our Botanopia(size L), to admire her from all angles. 

We pack Roxanne with great care. Her roots will stay moist and there will be enough oxygen for her travel. Her exact size can differ from the photos.

Roxanne is a seasonal plant, only available during specific periods. 

Additional information

Weight 30 g
Dimensions 35 × 10 × 5 cm