Small avocado plant – Persea americana –

Meet: Luis 

Did you know that the avocado plant originates from Mexico? And that it’s original name is “ahuacatl”, which means “testicle”? Not exactly one to introduce to your parents in law …

We call him Luis, our tough, tropical avocado plant. Luis knows how to keep the balls up in the air. Completely shameless, you’ll receive this muchaco with his naked roots and polished pit. Nothing wrong with that. What are you waiting for? Vamos!

Luis can only be transported to addresses within the European Union. 


Ins and outs 

Luis likes to show off. Place him on your Botanopia(size L), so he can proudly show what his mama gave him.

We pack James with great care. His roots will stay moist and there will be enough oxygen for his travel. His exact size can differ from the photo’s. But hey, size does not matter, right?

All our avocado pits are grown from pits gathered from local organic restaurants. You’ll see the chef knife marks engraved on your pit. 

James is a seasonal plant, only available during specific periods. 

Additional information

Weight 70 g
Dimensions 35 × 10 × 10 cm

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